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    Max. Passengers No.: 5

    Defined by their maximum take-off weight of fewer than 10.000lb, very light jets are relatively recent addition to the aviation world.
    With lower operating costs than larger business jets and higher cruising speeds than piston and turboprop aircraft, they're already proving popular for fast, short-haul journeys.
    They're also nimble enough to handle short runways, making them an attractive air taxi option.
    Note that some models don't have an onboard lavatory and luggage space can be limited.


    Max. Passengers No.: 8

    Combining the manoeuvrability and cost-effectiveness of very light jets with much of the cabin found on mid-size aircraft, light jets are a popular option for medium-haul journeys.
    Able to carry between five and eight passengers, they offer space to work or relax, though some have limited luggage capacity. Bear in mind too that not all light jets have a lavatory - a curious oversight given the longer ranges of some.


    Max. Passengers No.: 8

    With longer range, higher cruise speeds or better baggage capacity, super light jets offer a slight step up from light jets when it comes to certain features.
    On board, larger cabins offer ample space for up to eight passengers to work, relax or dine.
    All have enclosed lavatories, making them ideal for medium-haul trips.


    Max. Passengers No.: 9

    The most popular category of private jet, mid-size aircraft can cover long distances more efficiently than heavy jets, meaning lower operating costs without much compromise on comfort.
    Typically capable of flying for up to six hours non-stop, mid-size jets have tall, spacious cabins that can carry up to nine passengers in a mixture of club and divan seating.
    Most of these jets have a good-sized galley for serving drinks and snacks en route, and all have an enclosed lavatory.


    Max. Passengers No.: 12

    Combining speed and efficiency with intercontinental range, super mid-size jets are a cost-effective alternative to heavy jets. Steep approach and short runway capabilities open up a much wider range of destinations.
    And while they may be more compact, several aircraft in this class still offer stand-up cabins with more than six feet of headroom, as well as lots of space for baggage.
    On board, super mid-size cabins are well-appointed, with galleys for preparing in-flight meals and, on many aircraft, the latest WiFi entertainment systems.


    Max. Passengers No.: 14

    With spacious stand-up cabins, high cruising speeds and transatlantic ranges, heavy jets really up the ante when it comes to business and private long-haul travel.
    Luxurious interior touches, flat-bed seats and dedicated office, dining and bedroom areas make for a comfortable journey, whether there's work to do or it's time to unwind.
    And, thanks to their larger size, there's more room on board for baggage - ofetn in compartments that are accessible in flight.


    Max. Passengers No.: 16

    Ultra-long-range heavy jets are the gold standard of the long-haul air charter market and are the flagship aircraft of any manufacturer. With exceptional power, speed and interior specs, they're among the most sought-after planes for both private and business travel.
    On board, practical meeting spaces and comfortable private suites, well-appointed and state-of-the-art entertainment and connectivity allow travellers to make the most of every moment in flight.


    Max. Passengers No.: 62

    The cream of the charter crop, executive airliners combine the range, speed and cabin space of commercial aircraft with the ultimate in onboard opulence.
    Wide cross-sections and generous headroom allow for everything from conference centres and spacious lounges to master suites with queen-size beds and even cinema rooms. In fact, with so much space to play with, the interior options are almost endless.
    It's little wonder these are the aircraft of choice for world leaders and royalty.

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